Pete Charlerie is an Agriculture and Natural Resource Economic professional with 10 years of
experience in sustainable agriculture, urban farming, conservation, energy management,
business management, as well as community outreach/education. He currently provides
independent consultancy services for agricultural and energy conservation projects in the United States and Latin America. Pete Charlerie is a 2009 graduate from the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC) at the University of Maryland. In 2011, Charlerie started SunSplash Farm LLC where he grew vegetables and cut flowers on five acres in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. He sold his products at several farmers markets in Prince George’s County¬† and to various wholesale customers through the Washington DC area. During this time, Mr. Charlerie was active in local agriculture initiatives as a member and speaker at several committees and associations such as the Prince Georges County Food Equity Council and the Caribbean Agriculture Network. He also worked as a Farm Management specialist for the University of Maryland Small Farm program providing education to farmers. He sold his farm was sold in 2017 and subsequently moved to south Florida where he continues to be involved in agricultural production.

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