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Ms. Jillian Hishaw, Esq. Founder & Director

As a Midwest native for the past decade, Ms. Hishaw has worked extensively in the area of environmental education, civil rights, and agricultural policy. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Tuskegee University, and a Juris Doctorate and Legal Master’s Degree in Agricultural Law from the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, Ms. Hishaw’s work experience in environmental and agricultural advocacy has varied. Ms. Hishaw’s dedication to public service is reflected in the 2006 establishment of the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) program, an inner-city environmental education program in Kansas City, Missouri, geared towards educating young Black males about ecology and conservation. The program was later adopted by a neighborhood association and the City of Kansas City Green Block Initiative.

As an Environmental Planner, Hishaw had the opportunity to enforce policy on a grassroots level, in working with federal, state and local municipalities to ensure compliance of the Clean Water Act provisions in low income communities. Furthermore, her work in civil rights within the federal sector to providing legal assistance to Black and Native American farmers during the settlement phase of two discrimination class action suits, influenced her current efforts in establishing a legal non-profit for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers in the Southeast. Ms. Hishaw is licensed in Wyoming.

Notably, Ms. Hishaw’s extensive law review and American Bar Association includes her latest Co-Authored article, How Socially Disadvantaged Farmer Initiatives Have Not Resolved USDAs History of Discrimination and Recommendations From Front Line Agricultural Workers, Tuskegee University-Production Agricultural Workers Policy Journal (Fall 2013 Edition).

Mrs. Yasmeen Qadimasil, JD Program Manager

Originally from Austin, Texas, Mrs. Yasmeen Qadimasil’s personal beliefs regarding environmental protection have laid the foundation for her professional career. Mrs. Qadimasil’s federal agency experience within environmental advocacy stems from her policy, administrative and NEPA compliance experience at the National Park Service, American Institute of Biological Sciences, Ecological Society of America, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Mrs. Qadimasil received her Juris Doctorate from Thomas E. Cooley Law School. Additional educational credentials include a Master’s of Science in Biology from Howard University and a Bachelor’s of Science from Tuskegee University. In February of 2013, due to hard work and perseverance, Mrs. Qadimasil placed 5th(among 224 teams) at the National Negotiation Competition in Dallas, TX. Mrs. Qadimasil’s coverage area is Georgia and South Carolina.

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