F.A.R.M.S. intern program allows young ladies from 15 to 28 years old to learn about agriculture from various aspects.  This internship is dedicated to young ladies interested in agriculture to increase the number of women in the field of agriculture.  Intern's are taught the legal intricacies of farm management, food safety, farm succession planning and more.  Interns tenure usually spans from months to a full year, depending on the students availability.  This is a volunteer position.  F.A.R.M.S. selects several intern per year. Interns help with event planning, the management of our social media pages and other administrative duties.  For more information about the program please contact us at info@30000acres.org


F.A.R.M.S. - Hon. Pearson Student Award

The F.A.R.M.S. Family Student Award is designated for students majoring in agricultural sciences who are first or second generation descendant of a farm family in the Southeast region.  All recipients must display academic excellence and be classified as a junior or senior class man.  Our 2014 award recipient was Mr. Samual Gibson and our 2015 recipient was Ms. Jhaelynn Elam, and our 2016 award recipient was Mr. Terry Vines.  Our 2017 award recipient is Mr. George Hunter an agricultural science major that comes from a farm family.  

FARMS 2017 Scholar.png

The Honorable Judge J. Richmond Pearson was born on January 10, 1930 in Birmingham, AL.  In 1984, Judge Pearson was the first Black circuit court judge to be appointed to the bench in Jefferson County.  As a young attorney, Pearson was among the group who represented Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights protesters jailed for violating rules against demonstrations.  Judge Pearson's purpose in life was to improve the lives of the under-served, which is in alignment with FARMS mission provide assistance to farmers of color. FARMS thanks the Pearson family for their support and condolences for the recent passing of Judge Pearson.