Farmers Emergency Fund

The Fund is Temporarily Closed

For four years we distributed a book scholarship to a child or a grandchild of a farmer majoring in agricultural sciences. However, in 2019, we converted the scholarship fund to an emergency farmers fund due to the overwhelming need of small farmers. The fund covers immediate emergency expenses related to the farm operation and daily necessities. We give special preference to aging farmers in need but are open to providing assistance to young farmers as well. As we did with the past scholarship fund, the farmer's fund is dedicated to the Honorable J. Richmond Pearson, the first Black Circuit Judge appointed to the Court in Jefferson County (Birmingham), Alabama. Judge Pearson was one of a group of Black lawyers to represent Martin Luther King Jr. and other protester's jailed during various Civil Rights Movement demonstrations. Judge Pearson's purpose in life was to improve the lives of the under-served, which is in alignment was F.A.R.M.S. mission. Special thanks to the Pearson family. If you are a farmer in need please complete the form. We only provide assistance to small farmer's who operate less than 500 acres, have limited resources and reside in the US.

Suicide rate of farmers per 100,000 people per year in countries

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    • 800.FARM.AID (1.800.327.6243) is a national hotline for farmers.
    • AgrAbility, a resource for farmers with disabilities, lists mental health resources like helplines, webinars, and national mental health
    • The National Farmers Union’s Farm Crisis Center lists hotlines, mediation and disaster assistance resources, and a drought monitor.
    • The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1.800.273.8255) is available for everyone, regardless of age or occupation.
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    • Mutuelle Sociale Agricole (MSA).
      A free hotline was introduced in 2011
      (09 69 39 29 19)
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Farmers Emergency Fund Application

Farmer's Fund request is limited to


Provides funds to small farmers (no more than 500 acre farm) for payments of utility, medical, farm labour, equipment repair, or the purchase of seed if suffered recent crop loss.

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To fulfill our obligation to our funders we will need the farmer to take a photos with their produce donation. The photos will be posted on F.A.R.M.S. website, social media, and marketing materials to promote your farms donation to the foodbank and/or hunger relief agency. All farmers agree to the use of their likeness and photo of themselves and any/all work affiliates to be used on our company website, social media pages, and marketing materials for program promotion purposes and in affiliation with our funders and program partners.

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