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Aging Small Farmer Services

We recently released the 2nd Ed. of Don't Bet the Farm on Medicaid to order a copy please click on the link here

With the average age of the farmer predicted to be 65 and older based on anticipated US Department of Agriculture Census data, the need for aging services for farmers is immediate and neglected. As most individuals over 65 years old seek health care coverage through Medicaid the need to protect one's property to qualify is often overlooked until long-term care is immediate. For farmers who are often land rich and cash poor, the need to protect generational owned land and qualify for Medicaid should not be a choice. Farmers should never be forced to sale their land to cover nursing care costs. This booklet was written to provide general information about Medicaid and its impact on small farmers specifically regarding Medicaid lien enforcement. Special thanks to our Founder for writing the book and Allstate for their financial support to publish the first edition of our book!

Over the past four years we have provided various legal, educational and supportive services to aging farmers within our seven state region. Some of the services include:

  • Farm Foreclosure due to predatory lenders
  • Medicaid/Medicare workshops
  • Estate Planning
  • Retail Market opportunities
  • Grant writing services and more!

Written by Jillian Hishaw, Founder and Director

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